carpenter paterson

Carpenter & Paterson Ltd is a wholly independent British company based in Welshpool, United Kingdom. They are specialists in the design and manufacture of pipe suspension equipment. Their products are principally used in the power generation, petrochemical, oil, gas, and process industries, and have been installed successfully on numerous projects throughout the world. All sales, engineering, and manufacturing activity takes place from their UK headquarters and they are represented in 34 countries worldwide.

Carpenter & Paterson Ltd was originally formed in 1956 to design and manufacture the “Witch” range of engineered pipe supports. Over the ensuing years the company has built up a business based on quality, reliability, competitiveness, and technical know-how. This has led to Carpenter & Paterson Ltd becoming one of the leading designers and manufacturers of pipe support systems worldwide.

Albion Workplace Solutions has worked with the company over many years helping to modernise and refurbish their office premises – this has included 4 phases of office developments at their Welshpool headquarters.

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