Looking to improve your office design can be a certain way of increasing your productivity.

Research has found that many offices are unsatisfactory places to work, inspiring neither good ideas nor high levels of productivity.


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Whilst many companies have embraced new office working practices such as remote working which has been seen to increase productivity, improve staff retention and lower overall costs, it has found that not everyone can or wants to work from home. Many of us actually enjoy travelling to a separate workplace, which can offer an opportunity to socialise, to make friends and, in some cases, even partners.


As a result the research has found that business owners would be wise to learn how changing their office environment can make their offices more happy, productive and creative. Many practices are now becoming more common in the workplace including:


  • Creating a fusion of home and office in the workplace – with the average person spending over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, the office is becoming a fusion of home and office, with pool tables, snug areas, mobile technology, stand-up desks and think tanks.
  • Comfort in the workplace equals increased productivity – as an example legally, there is no minimum temperature for workspaces in the UK. Research has revealed links between temperature and the productivity rates of employees. Studies of office workers have found that nearly half are less productive when the temperature soars above 25C. Therefore, it would seem that deviating far from the comfort zone of staff can have a considerable impact on work rate.