Office lighting – maximising lighting in the workplace

The combination of different light sources – direct and indirect lighting in addition to a balance of day and artificial lighting is very important when considering lighting options for the workplace.

CGI3 1024x460Offices with computer work stations would tend to have a very high level of indirect lighting to support non-glaring. On the other hand, direct lighting provides the essential shadiness for a good illumination. That is the reason why combining both illumination techniques is vital.

Office lighting checklist.

  • Is there sufficient natural light at the workplace?
  • Does the selected lighting correspond to the appropriate visual task?
  • Is a balance of direct and indirect light guaranteed?
  • Is there a need for optimisation in the use of energy saving lamps?
  • Do you use a flicker- and glare-free lighting?
  • If the light intensity in the room individually adjustable?
  • Do you use pleasant and bright light colours (warm white, neutral white)?
  • Do you avoid glare and distracting reflections?

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