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Commercial office flooring solutions in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bridgend and South Wales.


office commercial flooringWhether as part of a total office refurbishment or as a stand alone project, Albion Workplace Solutions is able to provide advice and installation of your flooring choice.


When considering what flooring to use in a commercial premises there are many options and your choice will depend on the purpose of the room or place where flooring is to be installed, the amount of traffic expected to fall on it and the overall condition of the environment.


Depending on the requirements of the premises the flooring options include:


Commercial Hardwood – For a great look which lasts hardwoods provide an elegant contrast and are ideal for areas of the office where an impact is required.


Carpet Tiles – Available in a range of colours and providing convenience in cleaning carpet tiles are popularly used for commercial flooring.


Rubber Flooring – Popular in sports and leisure environments, health care and educational settings because of their durability and high performance – rubber flooring is available in both sheets and interlocking tiles.


Vinyl sheet flooring – Ideal for commercial environments as vinyl is very durable and designed to give superior performance especially in high traffic areas.


Natural Stone Flooring – Natural stones like marble and granite is often used in lobbies or facades of office buildings.


Linoleum Flooring – comes in tiles and sheets just like vinyl flooring. Compared to vinyl though, linoleum are made from natural materials and is extremely durable.


Cork Flooring – as a natural sound insulator and time-tested durability, cork also ranks as one of the popular flooring solution when it comes to commercial use. From music studios, commercial kitchens and other functional areas, cork is an ideal choice as it is soft and warm and is easy to maintain.


Resin Flooring – Compared to cement or concrete, it is easier to apply resin and it also dries faster. Available in a wide range of colours.


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